Offering to the church by check or cash can be dropped into the offering box after the Lord’s Day meeting.

Offering by Mail

Make your check payable to THE CHURCH IN SANTA CLARITA and mail to:

Church in Santa Clarita
25852 McBean Pkway, #167
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Offering by Zelle Pay

Send your offering electronically using ZellePay®. Most banks support ZellePay® to make electronic payments. You will have to use your bank’s mobile app or your online account with them to use this feature. Zelle does not charge a fee for their service.

The church in Santa Clarita's bank account is registered in Zelle  as THE CHURCH IN SANTA CLARITA 

under the email address [email protected]. 

Please use this email address to identify the church as Zelle Pay recipient. To designate your giving write on the MEMO, one of the following options: General offering, Gospel Work,  FTTA,  Full Timers, Bibles for America,  Oak Glen, Lord's Move in Europe.

For more information about Zelle Pay – how it works please click the link below